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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Joshua Bradley

Someone commented recently about the number of things closing down in Hyde and indeed there are, but some new ones are opening up.

Named after former mayor of Hyde, Joshua Bradley, this new pub was opened in September 2008. A reported £3million were spent refurbishing Bamford Hall as it was previously known.

It lies adjacent to the closed Hyde campus of Tameside College and rumour has it the site has been earmarked for a hotel developement.

Reviews of the new pub have been mainly favourable but as always there are some who aren't satisfied.


Linda - Gold Coast said...

Hi Gerald. It will be interesting to see how things turn out in their first year of business. Wouldn't mind checking it out on my next visit though. Quite a few pubs on my list already!!! Great photo as always. Linda

Rose said...

I would have to give it approval just for the outside is a lovely place.

अविनाश said...

looks good

Mo said...

Good news now that's what I like.

Ex Hyde Lad said...

I remember this building very well as my Grandparents used to live nearby on Dowson Road.

Think it was a private home in those days. Long time ago now!

KAZ said...

Well - a new pub. That's good.
A few seem to close round here every day.

Cezar and Léia said...

I think it looks great! I have search for reviews and I found a good one at"Manchester",like ..."Aubergines on the menu. Free hairspray in the toilets. Dave Bishop is pleasantly surprised at the latest addition to the Hydes chain"...
I could see pics from inside.
Ohh In fact, we would like to know this lovely place.

Babooshka said...

You have a pub opening? That really is remarkable in this economic climate.

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