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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Newton St Mary's South & January Quiz

Back in November I showed you the Western aspect of St Mary's, Newton.

A few weeks later I posted a photograph of the Northern aspect.

So here now is the Southern aspect which is the main entrance into the church.

All three photographs were taken the same day.

Which brings us to this month's quiz question.

Why won't I be showing you the Eastern aspect of the church?

Answer as always in a week's time.


Wayne said...

After sifting through the files I'm going to guess it's because the eastern aspect is hard up against a Costco or some similar big box.

Don't you have a city planner in Hyde?

Lew said...

Looks like Wayne is right - the east view is blocked by large buildings. The church appears to back up to the property of a business.

Rinkly Rimes said...

Maybe there are trees on that side or its covered with ivy.

brattcat said...

Whatever the reason we won't be seeing the east side, this view has really pleasing lines.

magiceye said...

fantastic composition!

RuneE said...

To the East of the church is a lane with parking and various buildings on the other side. The Eastern aspect of the church also contains an added structure, but I don't know the precise quality of that so that may also come into it.

Jarart said...

Whatever the reason, the other three sides are lovely to look at.

Saretta said...

Looks like other people have studied up to get the right answer. Just imagining, I would have said because the eastern side is on the edge of a steep cliff...or because it borders on the graveyard which was closed the day you were there...

Cezar and Léia said...

Would it be that the eastern side is under restoration?

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