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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Godley Brook Culvert

It seems there are two streams called Godley Brook on the map.

The Northern section starts life on Matley Moor and flows in a generally South-Westerly direction towards Newton to this point here.

The Southern section starts life on the flanks of Werneth Low and flows North towards Brookfold Farm and Godley East where it turns Westward and flows under Mottram Road to pass through Godley Vale before being culverted under the M67 motorway to join the Northern section here.

The combined stream flows under Commercial Street at Godfrey Mill and past the ABC Wax factory. I'm not entirely sure where it goes from there; it probably reaches the River Tame eventually.


Hilda said...

Having the same name for two brooks near each other sounds like it can get confusing sometimes. What is that pipe running beside it?

Lily Hydrangea said...

yeah, I'd like to know what that is as well.
; )

Tash said...

Every town could use more Godley things :)
I like the way the brook is to the side on the photo...just discreatly running its course. Really nice when enlarged.

downsie21 said...

Gerald, it continues under the roads to Dukinfield and the Peak Forest canal to suface near the Church of Latter Day Saints down Kingston and then flows in to the River Tame.
About 63 years ago several of us were mucking about near the little pond where it comes out when we found an elderly lady who had drowned in the pond, it is still a gruesome memory thinking about the unfortunate lady.

Cezar and Léia said...

Is the wather clear?Is there any prevention of health-threatening pollution?
MAybe it isn`t necessary.I guess no pollution there.

RuneE said...

As long as the water knows the was!

Rune said...

Thanks for your visit on Drammen Daily Photo. Velcome back :o)

Old Wom Tigley said...

This stream carrys on by the Print works Gerald.... it then flows behind the wood yard... 'Hillingworth and Hingham'... and the Bike Shop oppersite 'Pensioners House'... from there it travels under the canal and motor way and comes out near Kingston mill... Just before the Moron Church on Manchester Road is a low sided bridge where you can see it flows under the offices at the Kingston Mill site.
It goes under the Manchester road by the cottages in 'The Dell' and joins the River Tame... somewhere at this point was the old ford for crossing the river before the bridge at Broomstairs was built. Hope that is of some interest my friend.


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