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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Exits and entries

This is looking across Clark Way to the exit sliproad from the M67. In the background you can see Godfrey Mill.

Turn 180 degrees and this is what the exiting motorist sees across Clark Way.

It is Clarendon Place, leading to the Market Place and one of the entrances to the Clarendon Mall. It is not to be confused with Clarendon Street which leads from the Bus Station to the other end of Market Place, nor Clarendon Road which is somewhere else altogether.


Cezar and Léia said...

hummmmmm there is a sign for buses and taxis in order to avoid a traffic jam.Very interesting! Cezar

Babooshka said...

Where you purposely trying to confuse us?

Karen said...

I like the 2nd photo and the dull monotone colors and wham... the orange Cafe with the green trim just wakes you up... Love it. I think I'd have to stop for a coffee..

Linda - Gold Coast said...

Loved the 2nd photo as I can see the building where I once worked back in 1982, just before I left the UK. Thanks for the memory Gerald. Linda

Reader Wil said...

I should go to that town of yours and try to find all the places you mentioned!

Dan said...

Hey, looks like there are no moving cars around there!

Jarart said...

The lane looks a bit narrow with the cars parked there.

Mo said...

Oh I get confused all the time with the same street names everywhere. Snow you said. I was just adjusting to the warmer temperatures.

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