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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Graveyard at Hollingworth

As I was wandering around Hollingworth earlier this year I came upon this graveyard.

It appears to be well tended but is not attached to any church so far as I can tell.


Anonymous said...

I think this is the first English graveyard I ever saw. It is interesting that the grass is allowed to grow long or longer. Here in this country the grass is mowed or cut short during the growing season. And, the newer graveyards are no longer permitting the erection of tombstones above ground. They do allow bronze plaques set flush with the ground so that big tractors can mow or cut the grass without running into anything.

Jilly said...

How lovely this is. I love graveyards - fascinating places, often beautiful too, as is this.

nituscorner said...

Nice picture though graveyards are very depressing to me.Even if you have no personal connection , just the thought that someone else's loved one must be lying there is depressing enough.

Lois said...

This looks very pretty and peaceful. I think old graveyards are fascinating too. I wouldn't walk through one at night though.

Boise Diva said...

I like the more natural look. As Abraham noted, our graveyards are usually golf course-like. And they're not attached to a church, either.

Jackie said...

It looks very peaceful.

Middle Ditch said...

Most are not attached to a church in Holland either. When I came here first I was fascinated by old church grave yards.

Gerald I noticed that you follow Pete's photo blog. He is from Blandford. Did you know he is on Facebook too? Peter Lister.

Anonymous said...

there was a church attached to this grave yard but it was demolished about 1972..lots of my family are burried there..the new church is on water lane hollingworth

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