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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Barclay's Bank

Barclay's Bank is on Market Street.

Originally this was a branch of Martin's and if you look closely (click on the photo to enlarge) the old shield logo can just be made out on the marble facade.

Martin's was absorbed into Barclay's forty years ago.

Another interesting feature in this photograph is the road sign. For the M67 West to Manchester or Stockport, you turn left (West) and then right at the sliproad. For Sheffield and the M67 East though you have turn West. After that you need to turn right at the Red Lion and double-back along Clark Way over the motorway.

If I was going to Sheffield from Hyde, I wouldn't start from here.


Tash said...

You are going absolutely modern on us! :) - good bits of info there & nice facade texture.

Ashtonian said...

In Burnley the logo is still on the building.

The Martin's bank were always contemporary architechture of the time.

Sally said...

LOL - that old Irish joke! Thanks for visiting me today in Sydney.

KAZ said...

This makes me feel ancient.
I joined Martin's as a student.
Later it became Barclays and later than that I had to change to TSB because of the Apartheid scandal.


who's now going to take over barclays (or maybe it is one of the banks that is doing ok)

Jilly said...

Perhaps you should have showed us the bank books today with no money left in them! You were missed today being Theme Day. See you next month. Meanwhile thanks for the comment,Gerald.

babooshka said...

I used to work for Barclays. Horrible. Definite contrast to yesterday stark and modern.

Anonymous said...

Forty years ago!! Oh dear. Martins was my first bank when I was a student in Liverpool. I didn't realise I was so old....

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