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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Bradford & Bingley

The Hyde branch of the Bradford & Bingley is in the Market Place at the corner of Russell Street.

It is only a cockstride away from either Lloyds TSB or Halifax BOS.


Wayne said...

Another colloquialism to add to my repertoire. I have never heard cockstride before. I'm gob-smacked!


is it still operating after the crash?

ArneA said...

Waiting for the LOGO change to Santander

Isadora said...

looks like a great neighborhood shop. you can feel fall approaching.

Keropok Man said...

ah.. this is the name that's appearing all over the world's newspapers.

chips said...

The Bowler hat synonymous with "Mr. Bradford & Mr Bingley" was named after the Bowler family who moved from nearby Denton to London around 1840.

Joy said...

Do you do business with them?

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babooshka said...

The jobs here are suppoedly safe. For now. Will this one survive.

babooshka said...

Just read the news. Congratulations on the nominations. Will be keeping an eye on this.

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