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Monday, July 28, 2008

Broadbottom Scarecrow

Today's picture is by guest photographer, Tom Wigley and first appeared on his blog Wigger's World.

It is of one of the entries in last month's competition run by the Broadbottom Community Association.

You can view all 58 entries on the Broadbottom Village website.


Kim said...

Ah, so that's what it is! It was intriguing to see in the thumbnail view. Gerald, how have you arranged having a guest image? Did he email you an image as an attachment, or did you access his image from somewhere? I'm interested in the mechanics of how you managed the exchange. Thanks,
Seattle Daily Photo

Gail's Man said...

From the thumbnail I had no idea that this was a scarecrow, but someone waiting to be rescued or someone being brave & sitting out on his windowsill to keep cool in this unexpected summer weather we're having.


excellent - loved it!

babooshka said...

Oh I knew what this was. I saw the others. Scary stuff, almost as scary as clowns and Ronald Mcdonald.

I sen this to Tom, you may know of it already.

Mo said...

Cool scarecrow. I remember making them when we were kids.

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