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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mid-morning Traffic Jam on A57

I've shown pictures of the M67 motorway and correspondents have remarked on the apparent low volume of traffic. I'm not usually around in the rush hour so you rarely see the worst of the jams on Hyde DP.

This is the A57 just beyond the end of the M67 motorway. It is just after 10am on a Tuesday morning. It will take us about 10 minutes to get the quarter of a mile from the roundabout to the traffic lights in Mottram. At peak periods it can take up to 30 minutes with traffic stacked up two miles along the M67 and three or four miles in the opposite direction as far as Tintwistle.

I could post links to the campaign websites and blogs both for and against the Mottram bypass, but if you are really interested they are not difficult to ferrett out. I'd sit on the fence if it weren't for the traffic fumes.


Marcel said...

An all too common scene from around the western world now days. And we wonder why we are running out of oil.

KAZ said...

Thank goodness I don't have to go to work any more.
This brings back memories of the daily crawl at 8am.

Tanya said...

I'm fortunate that I don't have to sit in traffic but I know around Atlanta, the interstates are a mess during rush hours.

Anonymous said...

The congestion is terrible at both ends of the M67 (not just the A57 you have chosen to show), the proposed Mottram bypass will make it even worse and increase the rat running through Denton and Hyde.

Children of Lewin said...

The traffic is lower because with the easter holidays being at different times in different areas, the half-term effect has been 'stretched out' somewhat. Any local will tell you that the traffic reduces dramatically during school holidays, proving that the 'school run' effect bears a large part of the blame for this mess. We don't need a dirty great proto-motorway to sort that out.

If the traffic fumes are the only thing making you pro-bypass Gerald, then come over to our side - the Highways Agency themselves have said pollution will increase WITH the bypass...

Hyde DP said...

Please do not read this post out of context. Hyde DP posts a whole a range of photographs. This one happens to be of a traffic jam. It is not part of any campaign either for or against the bypass.

By all means make your points but please do not mistake jocular remarks about fences and fumes as indicating a commitment to a particular view.

This is a photographic site not a political forum.

Ashtonian said...

I say Yes to the by-pass.
This Christmas past on a Sunday me and t'wife were on our way to visit our little sister in Glossop and we had travelled from Burnley and joined the M67 at the M60 connection west of Denton, and it was shocking because it took a really long time to get from the Hattersley roundabout to the Mottram lights and after that it was slow going all the way to Glossop. So friends support the by-pass, it will be safer for our little children and beneficial to the village.

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