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Sunday, February 24, 2008

One palm on the side.

Last year I showed a picture of the palm trees outside the Town Hall.

People seemed genuinely impressed by them and considered them healthy. Last week the ones in front of the Town Hall were dug up by council workmen. A taxi-driver told me he saw them doing it on Sunday morning. He said they'll probably be shredded and then sold back to gardeners as compost.

Round the side of the Town Hall in Corporation Street, this and another palm tree were still surviving yesterday. I hope it is staying. Next week I will show you the new trees that have been planted in front of the Town Hall.


Rambling Round said...

I wonder why the change?
The tree and flowers are very attractive.

g_mirage said...

I love palm trees...I have one for almost 4 years now and still growing.

There's a meme called Green Thumb Sunday...I think this photo would really fit there!

When I see some people throw away their plants I sometimes ask to have them...Its a pity that they'd go to waste just like that...

Jazzy said...

it's always nice to see palms, reminds me on my holidays for some reason!
have a great sunday!

Jgsmuzzy said...

I am still incensed by this. I do not think that they have been shredded, as they protected the root balls with hesian before transport.

Gail's Man said...

Why do council's always have to do things that go against the residents' wishes / choices / ideas.

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