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Friday, July 06, 2007

Palm Tree outside Town Hall

When I posted a picture that showed some of the palm trees outside the Town Hall people were surpised that they would flourish in our cold wet climate.

Well here is a close-up of one of them. Does it look healthy to you?


Kate said...

Part of it looks healthy, but one part looks like it needs to be trimmed, if that's how one cares for palms.

Pamela said...

Yes, the brown leaves at the bottom can be a sign that it's getting too much water and they probably do need to be trimmed. They tend to do that when they're in pots, but are perfectly OK once replanted into well-drained soil. That said, yes, it looks pretty healthy for where it lives.

On the other hand, I wonder if it is a palm, or maybe a yukka. It looks very much like the one I had in a pot and then slung in the garden when it outgrew it. Now it has three great fronds and is taller than me!

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

we have no palm trees localy but in Vancouver and Victoria there are palm trees, you just need a mild winter for them to survive the colder weather
We do have Yukka plants and many other desert type plants here

Per Stromsjo said...

Police found a dead camel along the highway in Scania, Sweden, the other day so why couldn’t you have a palm tree… ;) Looks green and healthy to me but my expertise is virtually nonexistent.

Susan said...

It is healthy. the brown leaves at the bottom are normal. The bottom ones die and eventually fall off. Sometimes they hang on for years! We have Palmtreeson the South west coast of Canada too!

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