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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mending Potholes

We've been collecting hub-caps recently from cars that have bounced their wheels into a pothole that has been developing around the drain cover at the side of the road.

One morning last week a couple of council workmen came with some tarmac and made repairs.


Clueless in boston said...

Lucky you. Ours don't get fixed, if at all, for a few more months.

Marcel said...

A never ending job around the world.

The snow plows dig lots of pot holes here during the winter, so crews will be busy this summer.

Nikon said...

As Clueless says, they'll get around to fixing our pot holes in a few months.
Assuming they can find enough relatives of the mayor :-)

imac said...

What do you do with the hubcaps Gerald?? sell them at car boot

marley said...

We have potholes all over our roads, but the council are short of money for repairs as they are mending the flood damaged roads (£50 million!)

American Fork said...

When they finish, you can send them over to my neighborhood, we have a few potholes here.

Susan said...

quite a narrow road too, not much room to meneuver around big potholes Id imagine!
Thanks for your visit to Maple Ridge Daily Photo. For more of my eclipse photos go to my other blog

Squirrel said...

we could use some pothole menders in Nyack.

Ashtonian said...

Just a few feet from where the Oscars will be held is a similar repair on my street outside of my work.
I could photograph it if you want.
(it's not as nice repair as Tameside MBC !) What was a hole is now a bump.

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