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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Looking up Higham Lane

Looking up Higham Lane.

Although quite narrow and steep, this road carries two-way traffic between Lower Higham Visitor Centre and the Quarry car park at Four Lane Ends near the Hare & Hounds.


Nikon said...

I really like this shot - very bucolic. Looks nice & warm, too.
(We had a great view of the eclipse here - did you stay up?)

Jgsmuzzy said...


I doubt it was warm, looks like frost at the top corner of the picture. We have had it quite cold in Hyde for the past few days.

Old Wom Tigley said...

drive this road often Gerald.. it's a while since I walked it. I rode horses up it to when I was younger and of course lighter.. ha!.

Nearly the same picture is on view here Gerald and informaion about Aspland Maternity Home. I was the only one out of 5 children in my family NOT to be born there.

The home and grounds were very nice... now housing is built there.

Sally said...

Just been watching an episode in the second series of TV series "Life On Mars" and Hyde plays a role in that! Makes me think of you every time.

Marie-Noyale said...

It's amazing,when I looked at your picture,it's exactly what I have in my mind when I think of the English countryside.
We were very lucky with the moon last night,my first pictures were all blurry under a small cloud cover,and it disappeared right in time!!

alicesg said...

Very lovely place and a long lane. It looked very quiet.

~tanty~ said...

It looks like many street in Stavanger. I like this shot.

Lady Demeter said...

so beautiful and quiet! an amazing lane :)

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