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Friday, January 25, 2008

Steps to the River

Last week I showed you the path from the river to the canal.

Turn round and in front of you are some steps that lead down to the River Tame.

To the left is the path I've just come up from Broomstair Bridge, under the motorway and past the frozen tracks and the fallen log.

The path to the right leads to Dunkirk Farm.


Old Wom Tigley said...

It's a nice walk for sure around there Gerald.. big Pete walks it every day or so on his way to Hyde and Newton. He took a picture yesterday of the Herons that rest in the field oppersite... there were 10 there.

Olivier said...

merci pour ton passage sur mon blog pour mon 400th messages, cela fait plaisir.
tu dois faire de belle et longue ballade, il est vrai que pour un photographe c'est très agréable.

imac said...

Oh how I love to stroll along a river and see all nature at its best.
Extreamly nice photo.

zakscloset said...

what a beautiful river! it must be so relaxing to stroll along a river like that.

Nikon said...

I wish I had a place like that close by where I could take a nice walk!!

Isadora said...

:) Thanks for the tour - you must spend a lot of time outdoors.

Joy said...

Today would indeed be a nice day to sit by the river enjoying a sandwich or perhaps fish and chips?

Have a lovely weekend!

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