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Monday, January 28, 2008

Karate Kids

These children are part of a group that were demonstating Freestyle Karate in the Clarendon Mall last Saturday.

They are certainly a lively, friendly, fit bunch of individuals. Their certified blackbelt instructor, Stuart Tomlinson of Evade Martial Arts also teaches kickboxing for adults.


marley said...

Did they chop any wood in half with their bare hands?!
Nice photo.

Petrea said...

Hello, Gerald. Afraid I'm late for tea. I'm going to nose around and catch up on your photos. I've been away all week.

Squirrel said...


Stuart Tomlinson said...

Thanks for your kind words. The children really work hard with their training and have to go above and beyond to also learn routines for performances. Nice photo as well. We recently performed at ashton arcades shopping centre and will be appearing all over tameside this year so hopefully we will keep getting better and better.

Joy said...

How cute! Karate is such a good way to learn discipline, build stamina and good coordination. Have you given it a go?

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imac said...

Love these kids who put on a show in the streets, to advertise.
Lets hope they get some people to join them.

Olivier said...

une belle photo de portrait de groupe, et tres bien trouve le titre de la photo

Photo of a beautiful portrait of the group, and very well find the title of the photograph

Stuart Tomlinson said...

Just to let you know. We are opening up a martial arts and dance centre on talbot road in Newton, Hyde on 29th September. It will be a full time building dedicated towards teaching a wide multitude of physical based art forms such as breakdancing, tai chi, capoeira, karate and kickboxing. You will have to come and visit us when we open. My e-mail is if you would like any more info. Thx

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