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Friday, December 28, 2007

Theatre Royal behind trees

One of the bonuses of multi-pixel cameras is that a large original photograph can yield a surprise. The intended object of this photograph simply didn't turn out as intended. I was, however, able to extract this crop [or do I mean crop this extract?].

Behind these trees is the corner of the Theatre Royal. You can see the corner and more, without the trees, on the Theatre's own website, which includes news of the ongoing efforts to eventually re-open the theatre.


Nikon said...

Nice shot, Gerald, it looks like a warm day there.

Eastcliff Richard said...

We've got a Theatre Royal down here in Margate. It was bought by the council this year, revamped and has now opened again with a reasonably interesting selection of shows.

I wouldn't, however, wish to give the impression that Margate is thriving. Our famous Dreamland amusement park is now just a car park, most of the shops in the lower high street are empty, and the library has just been converted into a one stop benefits shop.

All hopes are pinned on a £25m (so far) arts centre - The Turner Contemporary (known by the locals as the Turnip Centre) - which has been ten years in the designing, with not a single brick laid.

Anyway, sorry for banging on, just thought I'd update you from down south. Actually I'm not even from Margate, but from that jewel in Kent's crown, on the other side of the Ile de Thanet, Ramsgate. Which is much better!

sam said...

this is stunning, yay for high res!

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