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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Price of Petrol

The price of petrol is a common theme that raises its head from time to time on the CDPBs. Here it is has now gone over a pound a litre, which by my reckoning is about US$9 per gallon and over there they are complaining about it costing $3!

With currency fluctuations and the difference between litres and gallons, it is hard to make comparisons: here a few posts I came across


marley said...

If Hyde wasn't so far from Cheltenham I would drive there to get my petrol as its cheaper than here!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's really expensive - I'm glad I don't need to use the car very much!

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Wayne said...

But now you have to tell us foreigners what the difference is between the three types listed on the sign. As to the pricing, I hear you, and I feel your pain. Let's face it, the oil companies have it locked up, and if we are smart, we will NOT let them get their grips on the emerging alternative fuels markets!!!!

Annie said...

Okay, I'll stop whinging about our US gasoline prices now.


Still ludicrously expensive. So glad I don't drive...and never plan on. Terrible stuff!

Tom said...

Not just as this fuel gone sky high... the price of veg-oil which I use to run the landrover of as gone up as well. I was paying £1-37 for 3 Ltr at the beginning of the year... it is now over £2.00.
As long as I don't use more that 2500 Ltrs I don't have to pay fuel duty on it. It it carrys on it will be as dear as diesel.

Marcel said...

Here in Sitka Alaska we are paying about $3.70 a gallon. I'm glad I can make a tank of gas last 4 to 6 weeks.

Thanks for adding my daily photo blog Sitka Daily Photo to your blog and to Around the World!

Barkfoot said...

The goverment keep on blaming the price of crude for our woes, but in reality it is the 52p duty per litre combining with the 17.5% tax charged on top of this on both the price of the fuel and the duty.....double tax! When you fill up in th UK 75% of what you pay is just TAX!

Chris said...

I agree with Wayne. . .We need to END the stranglehold the oil companies have on us. I just returned from Las Vegas, and the cheapest I found gas was $3.11/gal for regular. In Nashville, we're at $2.92/gal today.

Dick said...

It is not so bad in the USA, we have high prices too but I'm not sure if it is more than in the UK.

Rob said...

Holy crap! An equivilant of $9 per gallon??!! Ouch! I'm left to wonder how much of this price is actually tax vs the price of purchasing gas and it's production.

Our federal gas tax is 18.4 cents per gallon, (last time I checked). Each state has their own gas tax which varies state to state. Here in Minnesota, out tax is 20 cents per gallon. I just paid $2.79 per gallon thsi weekend without the taxes, the real price would be about $2.41 per gallon.

I have always been amazed by my fellow Americans that complain about our high price of gas. I think it to be quite low, not even keeping pace with inflation. Oh, and these same complainers drive larger vehicles, and drive thousands of miles more than they should. Just my opinion anyway.

Interesting post that really sparked me to be more aware of my travels. Thanks-Rob

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