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Monday, December 17, 2007

Keeping Warm this Winter

Last week there was a stall in Clarendon Shopping Mall selling Polo Panchos.

It is made of fleece and is a kind of cross between or combination of a hat and a scarf. Essentially it consists of a tube and two flaps. It comes with an instruction leaflet detailing some of the different ways you can fold and wear it. Well I bought one for a tenner [you can have three for £20] and I can attest that it is very warm and I'm well satisfied with it.

Mine is the same design as the one being worn by the salesperson. She is wearing hers as a hat, but I've been wearing mine more like a balaclava and covering my ears, neck and chest. I've had a few strange looks from folk who think I look like a hoodie but it has kept my ears warm from the cold icy blasts that are currently blowing around these parts. Every time I cough though my glasses steam up, but that's another story.


marley said...

How is life as a hoodie?! If your glasses steam up when you cough you should go to the doctors!!

Nikon said...

Just don't sneeze!
I don't think that those will catch on here, but who knows?

Old Wom Tigley said...

I knew you was mad the first time I saw you... ha!... still better to be mad and warm..

Dick said...

It is of much use now, it looks like it is winter.

Suzi-k said...

bet it's very stylish! Anyway tell Tom if he laughs too loud, we will have to mention the small matter of shaved legs and stockings that bypass patients have to wear!! hehe

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