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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Flower on the Bridge

The last time I showed the railway bridge over Great Norbury Street it was graced by a pigeon.

Now we discover that the side of the bridge is home to a little flower.


Annie said...

What a pretty little yellow flower!

Thanks for the comments on my blog. Hyde - It wasn't just you, I couldn't read it either. Black on black is NOT a good combination!! Thanks for the heads up. I am always switching my blog colors, I still haven't found quite what I want yet, but I will remember what you said about red-green colorblindness.


Jilly said...

It's amazing how plants will find a tiny crevice to grow. Nice angle of photo.

Jackie said...

Yes, it's amazing how resilient plants can be in seemingly the most hospitable of environments! In Glasgow there's an abandoned bridge across the Clyde which seems to have trees growing out of it, so I guess there must be something there nourishing them!

WebOJ said...

Now how did it reach there?

sam said...

this is stunning, i love the way the photo picks up turquoise tones in the shadows of the stones. I am battling to find decent bridge pix for the Bridge December theme on Saturday, we don't have particularly spectacular ones around here.

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