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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Concrete Bridge

At first I wasn't sure if this was an actual bridge as such or an elevated section of the M67 motorway as it squeezes its way between Dukinfield Road and the canal.

I had wandered down Canal Street and already taken a couple of nice shots of the canal (which I'll be posting at a later date). Suddenly, as I took this picture, a white transit van drove up behind me. The guy wasn't heavy or anything but asked me what I was doing. "Taking photos of the canal", I replied. "Well this is private property", he told me, but then just went back to his van and watched whilst I put the camera away and moved on.

[morning update] After checking this on Google-Earth, I now see that the bridge is carrying the railway, north of Hyde Central, across the motorway which is lower down and off to the left.

I wasn't going to use this one at all but it is among the last photos I took with my old Fuji camera which died on Friday. My wife has bought me a new camera and delivery is expected later today.

There'll be lots of different kinds of bridges on show on 1st December when the CDPB theme will be Bridges. Already nearly 100 blogs have registered to participate. Blog-authors who are not registered with CDPB, but who intend to join in the theme anyway - if you let me know I'll add you to my links on the day.


Gail's Man said...

Interesting tale. Did the guy actually say who he was and where he was from? There seems to be a lot of this sort of thing now. Amateur Photographer always carries letters about photographers being accused of spying of taking snaps of children.

What make of camera are you getting ?

julia said...

So, it is a bridge! I'm a little 'over' bridges as I did a series before. I was questioned outside a type of school, today, about photos, I decided I must take those on the weekend instead.

Ian Hamzah said...

Hi Gerald, thanks for the info about Dec 1 photo theme. Could you add me on your link?


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