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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Royal Bank of Scotland

The Hyde branch of RBS is on the corner of Market Street and Corporation Street, just across the road from HSBC.

The history of the RBS goes back to the early 1700s. Since Victorian times though, there had been an agreement whereby English banks would not open branches in Scotland; and Scottish banks would not open branches in England outside of London.

Williams Deacon's Bank which had many branches in North West England, including Hyde, was acquired by the RBS group in 1930. They later bought Glyn, Mills and Co. The two were merged in 1970 to form Williams and Glyn's Bank and in 1985 by which time the cross-border restrictions had been lifted, W & G was rebranded as the Royal Bank of Scotland.

What will happen in the wake of the current banking crisis remains to be seen.


Ashtonian said...

That was a lovely recollection.
I really enjoyed that write up!
Maybe because I was working at Barclays at the time!.
I have a picture from earlier in the year where you can still see the Martin's Bank Logo, the "Cricket" on a building, now a fashion clothing store, in Burnley

Manila Photojournalism said...

Love reading the historical backgrounds of photo subjects. Thank you for sharing.

Here in Manila, the structure that once housed the oldest savings bank in the country (1800s) still stands, but the names or owners had changed.

You may want to check it out:


Anonymous said...

Nice photo. Interesting read.


i'm sure all banks will be begging for anyone's business now...

Gail's Man said...

Thanks Gerald for the background. The banking problem has hit me, as I've lost the 250 shares I had with Bradford & Bingley. No one seems to know if the Gov't will be compensating the shareholders in anyway. I'm not one of this wheeler dealers either. They were left to me by my late mum who had a few pounds with them.

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