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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Roadworks on Market Street

These roadworks on Market Street leading up to the traffic lights on the corner of Union Street opposite the Cheshire Cheese have been causing disruption recently.


Jeremy said...

these road diggers are global .. cheers. Wellington Daily Photo

joy said...

Annoying, isn't it? I don't understand why they can't do it all in the summer - when the weather's better and won't cause as much havoc as it does when it's raining.

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Your Love Coach

M.Benaut said...

Don't you know that the rest of the world has copper pipes ?
What else can one expect in a land that uses green pipes !!!
Or perhaps it was the lady with the bare midriff on the left, that caught your attention ?

English !! ( !! ) ??

Gail's Man said...

Are they widening the pavement or something?

Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

You call THAT disruptive? ;)
I should post some photos of the disruptions or causes of disruptions here. Some of them last for not months but years!

As to m.benaut's comment about the lady with a bare midriff, we really have bare midriffs here. Someone once asked me why Indian women show their midriff and I was at a loss for an answer. The Indian saree leaves the midriff bare, but it can be covered by pulling over the long draping part of the saree.

Glad you liked Woody Allen's quote.
He has some hilarious ones.

Matt said...

Some things never change! Market Street is grid-lock at most times of day and so I can see why this might cause disruption. God I remember waiting at those lights many of times on my way to work (Which used to be the little Tescos around the corner!!) - Now B&M Bargains. This place changes so much.

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