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Monday, October 22, 2007

Bus Stop EH3000

No buses stop at this stop.

They haven't done so for two and a half years.

The new Hyde Bus Station opened in 2005. During its construction this was one of a number of temporary bus stops that were set up in town. The others have all been removed but this one remains even though it is Not in Use.


julia said...

One of life's little mysteries! Breast Cancer is in our media too and in other ways of drawing attention to the 'epidemic'.
Your blog is looking very good. I havnt gone down that path with the photo heading and keep trying to cease posting, its addictive.

Gail's Man said...

I wonder if anyone ever waits there, just in case?

Jules said...

Am feeling very guilty for neglecting you - what with exotic holidays and terrible phone lines I have been laying low.

Great to catch up with Hyde and all its doings!!

Glenn Standish said...

That sure is an interesting bus stop. Whats the point having it?!

Old Wom Tigley said...

I suppose they might keep it for when we have a New Bus Station.. we've had that many maybe another is planned.

smilnsigh said...

Which must irritate people who are unlucky enough to stand there... still thinking it does.


Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

Very strange indeed, although it says "not in use". I would think it is better to remove the sign, and put it back on if they (re)introduce a bus service. OK, I am to solving other world problems now .....

Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

I mean I am off to solve other world problems now (as soon as I fix my typing problem) :blush:

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