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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

10am on a Tuesday morning

Now that the licensing laws have been relaxed to allow pubs to choose their own opening hours, and since the ban on smoking inside premises, there have been changes to the layout of Market Street.

Screens have been erected outside the Cotton Bale (a Wetherspoon's pub) and tables and chairs provided. So any fine morning you can sit outside smoking, drinking and eating breakfast. And if you want to eat inside you can leave your dog tied to one of the tubs of flowers.

The lamp you can see in the background belongs to another pub, The Albion.


Z said...

The dog caught my eye and from your text I gather that one could take the dog in within the screened area?

CaBaCuRl said...

It all sounds jolly civilised to me...going out for breakfast is my favourite thing!We have also banned smoking in pubs and clubs recently, in NSW. Some clubs now have outdoor gaming areas, where you can still play the poker machines ( I think they're called 'fruit machines' in the UK) and have a drink and a smoke!When i first visited London , in 1979, I was shocked that people were allowed to smoke in cinemas!

Gail's Man said...

It's nice to go into pubs now & breathe in fresh air. Thursday night is curry night at Weatherspoons.

Old Wom Tigley said...

The funny thing about this picture to me Geralds is that the Cotton Bale own a part of the frontage so drinkers can sit outside and drink beer and such like. But the Albion do not own any of the pavement and when drinkers stand outside with their drinks to have a smoke the landlord runs the risk of breaking local bylaws and along with the drinkers can be fined. How daft and unfair is that.

Hyde DP said...

I wasn't aware that Weatherspoons actually owned part of the pavement. I did wonder how they'd been allowed to spill outside at the front -- of course the council is in favour of the "outside-cafe-culture".

Lynette said...

Looks like some of the establishments just down the street from us here in Portland, right down to the patiently waiting pooch.

Mama did get a big chuckle out of becoming my gran for a few minutes. She said to say hello!

Anonymous said...

Recently visited Hyde(im from Oz) and stayed with my boyfriend in Chapel St, visited many of the pubs and found all of them brilliant...I must say that my favourite is the Bike and Hound...I would love to see a photo of it as i didnt manage to take one of it when i was there...Cheers..Rebecca

Hyde DP said...

Hi Rebecca -- I featured the Bike n Hound on April 16th 2006 -

Sonia said...

Amazing photo!

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