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Sunday, April 16, 2006


The Bike'n'Hound is a typical old-style British pub. Situated near the Bus Station it is generally regarded as a friendly place to drink. It hasn't been "tarted-up" to appeal to trendies or been taken over by a chain of look-alike establishments.

As the name suggests it is a biker's pub and is home to the Freedom Riders. It is a regular venue for rock-groups and on Thursdays apparantly the barmaids go topless. I wouldn't know myself, as being teetotal, I've never been in.


midnitebara said...

love this kind of places, I mean the building.It looks homey. Maybe if it wasnt a bikers pub,I would visit it too!

dutchie said...

Hi there, only now discovered Hyde DP and welcome you from Rotterdam!
When we Dutch say bikers, we main cyclist. So it's funny to see bikers mentioned together with rock and topless barmaids.

chris.h. said...

Well that sounds like my kind of bar!! Is it EVERY Thursday Gerald?? ;-)

CBR 600 F said...

Hey Guys.
Ive been in quite a few times and its a really top night ... On Friday and Saturday Nights they have some really good live bands .. Sunday is the rock disco. The bikers are cool and friendly so long as you behave yourself !!!
Monday nights are "New Bands" Night. Thrsday night is "TiT Night" (nuff said).... And the manager Steph is sound and very easy on the eye (if you know what i mean!)

Highly reccommended !

Dave -G said...

Ended up on my own in Hyde.... Wandered in one Friday night just out of the blue. Had a great night every one was really friendly, The Live band that was playing covered all sorts of material not just rock , they were spot -on. ended up up sitting with a bunch of rock type chicks ... had a reall good night. Just like to say Thanks Zoey for a great evening ... will be back in The "Bike N Hound" for sure next week end !!!

pierced said...

Hi looking for a old friend sarah hatton( friends with spike) boyfriend used to ride 1200 bandit,if you know of her can you ask her to look for magpie on facebook frm darlington

Anonymous said...

More info for sarah hatton( look for rob hutchinson( noel) profile pic doing a burnout on a streetfighter!

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