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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Looking towards Harrop Edge

We are here crossing the A560 from Ashworth Lane to Underwood Road in Hattersley and looking towards the roundabout at the end of the M67.

The high ground beyond is Harrop Edge.

Hidden from view behind the tree on the left is McDonalds, affectionately known by some as "The American Embassy!"


Poly said...

It is very funny your comentt abour us embassy.:

McDonalds, affectionately known by some as "The American Embassy!"

I agree whit you.


Sunkyoung said...

Hahaha, the US Embassy! The golden arches works even in a diplomatic way by some people.;)

Jules said...

Very witty!
We don't have McDonald's in this country - does that say something about our foreign policy????

Old Wom Tigley said...

I love Harrop edge and it's views Gerald, and it ties in nicely with McDonalds, as all the left over food and packaging is thrown about Harrop Edge along with other rubbish by youths who park up there and across the other side on
Hobson Moor Road.
I detest litter bugs like these.

Lizzy said...

Just out of shot on the right is the famous monkey puzzle tree!

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