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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hyde Equitable Cooperative Society Ltd

The Rochdale Pioneers founded in 1844 are considered to be the first of the local cooperative societies. The movement spread across the whole of the UK and Co-ops dominated the retail market for about 100 years.

Anyone over 70 can probably still remember their Coop "divi-number".

The Hyde Equitable Cooperative Society Ltd's main store was recently the KwikSave supermarket but is now Wilkinsons. These initials are still impressed upon the building as they are on what is now a carpet salesroom on the corner of Market Street and Queen Street.


Kris said...

It’s sad to see these get gobbled up by the big multinationals. How has this one fared?

AVCR8TEUR said...

A piece of history is still on the walls. Glad the new tenants have decided to keep it.

julia said...

Facade done with style. Our co-op was very large as well before supermarts grew and everything changed. Bread was even delivered by their horse and cart even when this was old fashioned, it was a tradition they kept on.

Ashtonian said...

I remember them well and their dividend stamps and stamp books.
Not only did each town have a main Co-op there were also smaller ones.
Here is my contribution.

ken mac said...

so much personality and color in tese old scripts. Thanks for sharing.

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