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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


These caravans are parked in the yard of the town's local caravan dealer.

Some people seem to hate touring caravans and regard them as eyesores or slow-coaches clogging up country roads.

We were caravanners for around eight years when the children were growing up and found it an enjoyable way to spend holidays touring the UK and weekends sociallising with other caravanners at nearby rallies.


inspired said...


Lizzy said...

I don't know where the local caravan dealers is.

We spent all our childhood holidays in a caravan, our friends went to Spain, very exotic in the 60's. But, our holidays were just as enjoyable, but sometimes we came home early if the weather was bad! Probably happened to a lot of people this year.

Old Wom Tigley said...

The caravan dealers is behind the Jolly Carter public house.

I would love a big camper van, but I don't like towing anything so a caravan would not be for us.

Neva said...

WE call these campers here in the USA and it is BIG BIG BIG with lots of people....very affordable for long trips to see this great BIG country.....I haven't done them but once and it was fun.

JoAnn-NL "Through my Dutch eyes" :) said...

Beter that they are parking there.. not n the city or so...

:) JoAnn

Lizzy said...

Brain fade - Jolly Carters?

Hyde DP said...

lizzy -- Tameside Caravans is on Reynard St -- not to be confused with Reynold St -- I guess the back of the yard does back on to the back of the Jolly Carter

neva In the UK we tend to make a distinction between "touring-caravans" that you tow on the back of your car and "camper-vans" which are self-contained vehicles and range from quite small ones not much bigger than a transit van [lots like that in NZ and Aus] to quite huge luxurious pantechnicon-type vehicles which seem to be the usual thing in the States.

Then, of course, there are "static-caravans" which general stay in one place all the time.

Gwen said...

my grandparents used to caravan from Massachusetts to Key Largo for the winters.

Tara's Talk said...

I think it is fabulous you got to "caravan" for 8 yrs! I bet you have great photos, as well as, memories of those yrs! I would love to do that as well:)

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