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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Buxton Inn

The Buxton Inn is on Mottram Old Road, Gee Cross near to Treacle Brow.

It now boasts the addition of a Thai Restaurant.


Tom said...

I spent many a happy hour in there in my youth. It as alway been a good friendly pub. I must visit it again soon.
Happy Days

Sunkyoung said...

This inn looks very similar to the ones in Ireland. While I was staying in Dublin, I'd had the fair amount of experience of 'cold' summer. And this strange summer (at least to me until that time) was also the same, a little milder in the south though, in the UK when I visited its cities a couple of times.

Please take good care, Gerald.

Neva said...

The signs out front seem very interesting...

stromsjo said...

So what is the prime concern of this establishment? Food or drink?

Gerald (SK14) said...

Interesting question Per.

As old wom tigley said it was always a good friendly pub and it has always done decent food; at first just evening bar snacks

A few years back, the drink would have been it's mainstay but as drivers drink less the trend for many pubs has been to attract customers by serving food.

The incorporation of a Thai Restaurant does seem to rather change the emphasis of the establishment. They even do takeaways and will deliver locally. Their prices don't complete with other fast-food deliverers in the area, so I would assume they are competing on quality -- We have small appetites and don't use such services so can't comment on that aspect.

Lizzy said...

Hhhhm. Not sure it is the same as the old days. I think that it has lost its pub atmosphere and is more like a restuarant with drinking rooms. But then I can remember it in my youth too, and as I am as old as old wom wigley we perhaps drunk there together, or perhaps not.


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