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Monday, May 07, 2007

Save The Theatre Royal

A critical meeting takes place next week. Muriel from Theatre Royal Onward tells me there is
a very special open meeting at Hyde Town Hall on Monday the 14th May at 7.30pm. It is make or break time for the theatre. Make because we have the chance of leasing the theatre. Break because we need tangible evidence people will want to use it so we know we will make sufficient profit. People attending is the way we can positively see this evidence, even though it has been shown in our surveys and promotions etc. We need lots of people to show the papers, the funders, the Council how thrilled they'd be if it opened.

To see more pictures of the theatre, check out the ones I took last year at the Heritage Open Day


OmaheƱa said...

Thanks for your compliment on my blog! I hope the theatre is saved! It looks beautiful. I hate to see beautiful old buildings like that be destroyed because people want something more "modern". That has happened to a few buildings here in our downtown, and it makes me sad every time. I would love to go to show my support, but I'm a little far away! :-) Good luck!

Lori said...

I certainly hope they can save the theatre! It would be a great shame to destroy it.

julia said...

To find a viable future isn't easy but always hope for conservation and I've had a secret silly dream to run an old picture theatre.

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