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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ready for more snow

Last night I watched a TV programme about some of the worst snowstorms to grip the UK. At one stage, the presenter said that Britain was "institutionally unprepared" for snow.

So far this winter we've only had two spells of heavy snow.

Are we ready for it?

This grit-box on Mottram Old Road is hopefully full of salt. I haven't actually looked inside. For all I know it could be empty.


Per Stromsjo said...

If it's any comfort, those of us living further north who really should know better aren't always prepared either. Stockholm was brought to a complete standstill by the first snow in early November...

Helen said...

Theoretically your ready for it! 20 inches crippled Albuquerque because we just don't get that much snow at one!

Jilly said...

Snow and ice near that salt box wouldn't be helpful on such a slope. Hope that you don't get more this winter.

A cheery pic with the blue and red of the sign and the yellow of the box.

Thankyou for dropping by Menton DP yesterday.


OutHouse Capital of Canada said...

Do you have to carry your own shovel to spead the grit, or does a man from the council come around and do it. we have gritter trucks that cover all the roads with grit

Gerald England said...

I thinks these are DIY sources.

According to the local council website "There are currently over 325 grit bins throughout Tameside in areas not normally subject to mechanical treatment, at hilly, exposed locations and potentially dangerous road junctions. They are normally placed on site in October/November and removed in April/May after the winter. They are restocked with salt when needed. "

It would seem the council have priorities which leave people to rely on their own efforts.

"Priority A:
Strategic routes and principal roads, important classified roads and bus routes.

Priority B:
All other classified roads, important unclassified roads and bus routes.

Priority C:
In prolonged periods of lying snow/ice, estate and minor access roads in hilly or exposed locations will be treated, and consideration given to important footway routes (e.g. shopping precincts etc).

Treatment of Priority C locations would only be considered when conditions dictate and when all other priorities had been fully and adequately treated and resources become available."

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