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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Handbags for Sale

Last month Ham posted a picture of handbags on London DP, prompting Lynn of Cheltenham DP to comment
A fiver for a bag? hmm.... Gerald would be more impressed with this, than my post recently talking about a bag for £135.

Here on this stall, prices start at £3.99!


Kate said...

Had to take a few more peeks at blogs before I leave tomorrow! Like the discount!!

Ame said...

I'm IN Gerald...pick one out for me...I like black and brown...and maybe basic army green camo! LOLOL!Can't let a handbag (purse here in the States, LOL!) get away! LOL! ;) OH! And bring it to me when you come meet all us DP Bloggers in London when H and I are there for out Spring April! =)))

Ame said...

Oooops...that s/b OUR! Do I really need to bother with typos? LOL! ;)

lynn said...

LOL Gerald you managed to find even cheaper bags. But oh my dear our love is here to stay, forever we're going a long, long way... to find better bags than these, dare i say. I wonder how long they'd last? Here we go again Gerald, i'm ready for you lol !
Nope i'm sticking to paying a little more for longevity of leather. You're right; it's certainly handbags at dawn.

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