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Monday, January 08, 2007

Bangla City

Bangla City is an Indian Restaurant located on Grafton Street.

Two years running we came here for our Christmas Dinner. This year we didn't. Instead we went for lunch on my birthday four days before. What we like about this restaurant is that they don't put the tables too close together as happens elsewhere. It is also wheelchair friendly and serves good food at very reasonable prices.


Mimmu said...

Happy birthday to you a little bit late!
And nice week both of you.
Our restaurants are closed in Christmas day.

KAZ said...

Did you have turkey Vindaloo for Christmas dinner last year?

lynn said...

Sounds yum! Yes i was interested in that. What did you have?

Gerald England said...

well since you ask, two Christmas' ago I think we all had lamb rogan kosh (or is it gosh?). The other Christmas I can't remember. On my birthday I had mushroom omelette with chips whist my wife had prawn korma with rice. Mind you, she had a few of my chips and a portion of my omelette and I had a portion of her dish. For starters we had crispy poppadoms with various saucy stuff. It was all very tasty and filling. We had mince pies when we got home!

Anonymous said...

Here's wishing you many happy returns!

I don't know about the mushroom omelette with chips -- at an Indian restaurant?!

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