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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tommy Chow's Chippie

This requested photograph of the famous Gee Cross chip shop Tommy Chow's is dedicated to its best customer Mick Kemp.

I used to be a regular myself when I was working and had a hungry young family to feed. Tommy specialised in fried chicken, but was also known for his pies and puddings, not forgetting fish and chips and peas, black or mushy.

Currently the shop is closed for renovation.


Anonymous said...

Mick Kemp ate all the pies. ( Pete from South Wales)

KAZ said...

I think I'd better send Jamie Oliver over to Hyde.
Sounds like he's needed urgently.

Kate said...

Since you are so familiar with the menu, you must have been a great customer. And, if you kept returning the food must have been good.

isabella said...

Hmmm, little early for fish 'n chips for me...but the photo is lovely.
Btw, thanks for playing my quiz (and the answer is on the front page!)

moworld said...

It's never too early for chips. If there's one thing I miss its a good Chippie, even a bad one would do!

lynn said...

mmm yum! ... hungry young family to feed...ahhh lovely words and sentiment.

Jing said...

the comments brought some warm feelings.
memory is so valuable.


photowannabe said...

Wrong time to read this post. Its time for lunch and my ham sandwich just isn't doing it for me. All that fried food sounds better, but I'd better not eat it. Boo hoo

Anonymous said...

Mick has not read the previous comments.
Stop eating pies Mick and read them!

Ame said...

YUM! LOVE fish & chips! We had a little cozy place down in So Cal where I grew up called H. Salt, Esquire...had the BEST f&c! And on a cold winter nite, the window of the tudor-style storefront fould fog up...and just look all British! It was black & white with beautiful varnished wood interior! Ahhhhhhhhhhh...thanks for the memories Gerald! :=)

Ame said...

I'm definitely NOT inebriated! That would be WOULD...not FOULD! LOL! ;-)

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