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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas Tree

Here is the Christmas Tree in Clarendon Shopping Centre.

Many DP sites around the world have been posting pictures of Christmas trees, including
Atlanta ** Greenville ** Las Vegas ** London ** Paris ** Rouen ** St Paul ** Santiago de Chile ** Sequim ** Stayton ** Tenerife ** Vantaa ** Wellington.

At home we no longer bother with a tree, but maintain a family tradition of a displaying a Christmas Crib.


lynn said...

Ah, lovely shot Gerald, complete with Father Christmas! I shall be posting a tree shot soon and hope that you might add me too! I too have a crib setting; it's tiny but i bring it out year by year and love it.

denton said...

Great idea and lovely photo. I have added your list to my post today.

lavenderlady said...

Beautiful shot Gerald! Today is our last day of class,,,I will adjust my post to include yours. I too have a Nativity. I hadn't thought of taking a picture of that...but now you have given me a good idea!

Jing said...

that santa looks funny...
and here Christmas seems a big shopping holiday.

shanghai daily photo

photowannabe said...

Nice post of Mr. Claus and tree. We haven't had a tree for a few years since we always go to my son's house for almost a week over the Christmas holidays. There would be no one at home to enjoy it. I do still put up our nativity scene and candles. The red Christmas tablecloth comes out so there is a bit of sparkle in the mean time.

Ham said...

Nice one! (takes me a while to realise - I don't get out much these days ;-) )

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