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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Gower Hey Wood

If you follow yesterday's disused railway line westwards for about a mile, you'll cross a footpath. A right turn would take you through the backs of houses onto busy Dowson Road. Turn left and you'll be in Gower Hey Wood.

Instead of the noise of traffic, here you will hear the wind whistling through the trees; blackbirds, tits, starlings, magpies and wood pigeons. That rustling could be a fox or a squirrel.

And watch where you put your feet; after rain it takes a long time for the sun to penetrate and harden the mud.


Little Onion said...

not yet bluebell time
the yelps of small boys
through the wood

Little Onion

Gerald England said...

Thanks Little Onion
your haiku
and my photograph
make a lovely haiga

Lorethian said...

Man claimed the land with his iron rails, and now land gets it back. What a great view.

Sam said...

What a lovely area - and pretty pictures!!

Cynthia! said...

Hi!! I just found out about this blog!! Beautiful pictures and welcome to the family!!
greets from buenos aires

luminlight said...

HI! Welcome to the family.

From Providence, RI.

Angela said...

I have seen a badger in Gower Hey Wood - in daylight!

Rose said...

I like the picture below this and I like this...I like the description of this one.

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