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Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Milkman Always Gets Through

The snow finally hit us yesterday morning but the milkman still got through.

This was the scene around 7.30am. It snowed quite heavily off and on during the day and though the main road saw traffic flowing slowly hardly anyone tried to move their cars.

I don't think I'll be going anywhere for the next few days or so.


Unknown said...

A beautiful shot Gerald. I hear about the bad weather conditions all over Europe and the problems the heavy snow is causing.
I m wondering if we are lucky or not here in the south with the temperatures reaching up to over 25 degrees Celsius for the last couple of weeks.
Have a great day. Costas

Maria Verivaki said...

ditto, naturedigital
i am thankful that we do not have such adverse weather, but i dont ever recall wearing summer clothes in 'winter' - we havent even turned on the heating yet (just like last year), whereas we always had heating on from the bneginning of november before that said...

What a tough guy. I think he has to use snow chains.

B SQUARED said...

I though there weren't any more milkmen.

Margaret said...

Snow always looks so clean on Day #1. We had our first snow on November 8th this year.

Amanda said...

That's not your milkman in the pick up truck is it?! Where's his electric float?!

Kim said...

I just love this shot, Gerald. Without the snow I probably wouldn't have given this scene a second look. You've captured the light so well, and even a mundane parking lot looks magical.

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