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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Weekend Reflections of Hyde Market

Hyde Market is reflected in the windows of the entrance to Clarendon Mall as a Hyde United fan talks with the lady who is collecting for the Lifeboat charity.

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Martha Z said...

Lots to see in this, it's a challange to decide what is reflection and what is in the shop.

Elisa said...

I love the picture you chose :)
Best regards
Elisa, Argentina

Anonymous said...

Colourful life, at peace with itself.

Please have a good weekend.

daily athens

Annelie said...

Nice, really nice!

'Tsuki said...

Nice picture... I hope the lady had enough luck to get a lot of money : lifeboat is really a cause that deserve to be supported.

Beryl Williams said...

Today's picture is of my friend Ann who is also a Hyde F.C. fan. No doubt they were discussing the recent form of the team.
The street collection raised that day for the Lifeboats was £387.

Randy said...

Nice capture!

Barb McMahon and Alan Mailloux said...

Ooooh! More lovely reflections! Maybe we should declare a theme...

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