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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Bell of St Thomas the Apostle

When I recently showed you the back of St Thomas you may not have noticed the bell, so here is a closer view.


Randy said...

Great shot of that lovely bell.

Serline said...

That is one ancient ringer ;-) Is it still rung regularly? On special occasions?

Loretta said...

The bell is rung several times during the services at the church. And beautiful it sounds too!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to see your photograph of the bell at St Thomas'. Good too that it is heard and appreciated. Fr. Peter Hibbert is our new Parish Priest, Licensed by the Bishop of Stockport last week.
He was in charge of the parish in the 1990's before moving to Handsworth in Birmingham. He says that then St Thomas' was largely unnoticed, but now it is both a 'hidden gem' and a 'tranquil oasis' a treasurer which Hyde needs to retain and support. Do give him a call on 01457 832122.
Brian Taylor

Fr.Peter Hibbert said...

The Broken Bell-Rope

St Thomas’ Church is a hidden gem in Lumn Road. Each Sunday and during the week the bell rings. It has a lovely tone and everyone nearby hears it and appreciates it.

The bell is rung at special points in the service of Holy Communion and also when the Angelus is said.

The bell-rope broke yesterday during the Tuesday service. No-one can remember this happening before. Its repair means going up to the bell-cote and this is not without a cost.

The breaking of the bell-rope and the ensuing silence could be rather ominous, as the silence of the future, were the church to close.

We have so many well-wishers whose affection for St Thomas’ is considerable. However, our continuing will depend on people actually joining us, as a commitment and support to a small congregation with the responsibility for Hyde’s hidden gem.

Fr Peter
St Thomas’ Church, Hyde

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