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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ABC Wednesday
O is for Old Manor House

The Old Manor House is on Chain Bar Lane at the back of Hattersley Estate.

Probably only the TV aerial and the security camera give away the fact that this is a recent photograph.

More photographs of Chain Bar Lane showing the house in context and colour can be found on Hyde DP Xtra.

I know nothing of its history.

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Roger Owen Green said...

a mysterious history!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

lewi14 said...

What a wonderful house. I like it.

Erika B said...

Beautiful house! It looks like it's got a story to tell.

Erika B

Jingle said...

educational and insightful o post.

helenmac said...

I am intrigued by the old manor house and also the name of the road, Chain Bar. Do you know the origins of the name?
HelenMac, ABC team

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

Subsequent research has revealed that the "Old Manor House" as it is now called was originally the Horseshoe public house.

Paul Taylor said...

Hi Gerald, been very interested in this investigation into the house on Chain Bar lane, known as the Old Manor House, which you say now was the PH known as the Horseshoe. Could you please let me know if there is any proof to this idea. According to the CC tithe maps there were two PH's on Chain Bar Lane, one the Old Manor house (is this a made up name??) and the other slightly further up, which is now demolished. The tithe map shows the occupier of the demolished one to be Aaron Williamson which I have as the landlord of the Horseshoe in 1843. Also there is further confusion as the pub seemed to change it's name to the Blacksmiths Arms around 1824 and then back to the Horseshoe in 1843. The possibility exists that these were the names of the two pubs on Chain Bar Lane. Further confusion exists in the fact that Chain Bar Lane is not in Hyde, I believe the address is in Mottram. Most interested in your thoughts

Paul Taylor

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...


All I know is from what Dave Williams posted on He apparently spoke to the current owner. Mottram & Hattersley are postcoded SK14 and have a Hyde postal address.

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