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Friday, October 08, 2010

Hyde Holidays: Day Trip to Liverpool

Whilst I am away on holiday, Rune from Visual Norway is minding the blog for me. I have scheduled some special posts for the period taking readers on day trips to the West.

South from Southport is the city of Liverpool. This shot of the iconic liver birds was taken from the Albert Dock on a misty Sunday afternoon in 2006.

The river Mersey starts its life a few miles from Hyde at the confluence of the Tame and Goyt under the motorway in Stockport.

It ends here as it flows into the Irish Sea.

Just South of the city the name Bill Shankly has been engraved on a flagstone. Quite why I do not know. This is part of the Trans Pennine Trail that goes from Southport through Liverpool and Hyde to Hull and Hornsea on the East coast.


RuneE said...

A misty morning at Mersey :-)

Dave Williams said...

Bill Shankly was, of course, Liverpool FC's most famous manager. Are there any other names inscribed on the pavement and is this some kind of 'Walk of Fame'? If so Bill Shankly's name would be one of the first to be so honoured.

Dave Williams said...

Been doing some ferreting around on this and a search on Google Earth seems to show the location of the photograph of the Bill Shankly paving stone to be behind the Britannia Inn on Riverside Drive in Aigburth. The Inn was apparently built in 1984 at the edge of the site for the Liverpool International Garden Festival, and the tribute to Bill Shankly is presumably connected to this festival.

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

There are indeed other stones with names on but I can't remember what they were - I think the stones are connected with the Millennium celebrations rather than the Garden Festival.

Dave Williams said...


I did some more searching after I posted the last comment and this:

seems to confirm that the 'walk of fame' was connected to the Garden Festival.

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