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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday:
St George's Burial Ground

The burial ground at the side of St George's church was full of shadows the day I took this photograph.

It looks as if some of the gravestones are falling down into the valley of Gower Hey Brook as you can see on Hyde DP Xtra.

For more shadow shots visit Hey Harriet.


Sylvia K said...

What an interesting looking old graveyard! It does appear to be slipping away!! Great shadow shots for the day, Gerald! Hope your weekend is going well!


nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Wow, very eerie looking. Great shadows

Angie said...

Looks very peaceful, super SSS.

Tom said...

I was very annoyed at the state of this grave yard when I last visited Gerald.... Years or neglect and vandalism have taken place here... This was once such a nice area, well kept and respected just as it should have been... very sad sight indeed.

Anonymous said...

One wonders whoms shadow you saw ;)
Please have a nice Sunday.

daily athens

Hey Harriet said...

Yikes! The thought of the gravestones falling down into the valley is a bit sad. A great shadowy capture!

lewi14 said...

What a special place. Great shadows indeed. But it looks still like a little bit winterly.

Anonymous said...

I believe that it would cost in the region of half a million pounds to put this graveyard into it's original condition, seems a shame to see ti this way.

Lois said...

It must be very old! Too bad it has been neglected.

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