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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Bowlacre Home

Bowlacre is a residental care home off Stockport Road in Gee Cross.

The home's own website states
We are an Industrial and Provident society managed by a voluntary committee for the benefit of the old people of Hyde and have been established for over 50 years. We have a staff team that is committed to looking after our residents, supported by the committee & friends & relatives of both present & past residents. We also have 12 properties in the grounds which are rented to people who are able to look after themselves; these are for people who live within 5 miles of Bowlacre and are over 65 years old.
Foreign readers of this blog are (not surprisingly) very confused about the difference between three very different types of property
  1. Retirement homes
  2. Residential care homes
  3. Nursing homes
In a future post I may try and elaborate the essential differences but not today.


B SQUARED said...

A vital part of every community.

Tom said...

Hi Gerald
I have an uncle who lives here.. he is certainly well cared for. I will have to find the time to follow your link on this.

RuneE said...

I think such distinctions are common in every country, and equally difficult to understand.

Lynette said...

What a lovely building. Thanks for the photo, Gerald. I enjoyed browsing some of your recent posts, too.

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