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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Getting a Parking Ticket

The traffic warden is about to slap a parking ticket on the windscreen of the VW parked on double-yellow lines.

After she does so, she takes a photograph of the front and rear of the car and of the parking restriction sign.

Why she didn't ticket the other cars lower down the street I don't know.


Anonymous said...

Seeing this from Athens, Greece, it looks nearly surreal, as cars are able to park nearly everywhere, without receiving a ticket at all.

Please have a nice Thursday.

daily athens

lewi14 said...

That's a lot of activities for a parking violator. I've heard of wheel clamps too. Very nice shot close to reality.

ChrisJ said...

Our police respond, "When you go fishing, you only catch one fish at a time."

Petrus said...

Will the photo be kept on file for ten years ? Perhaps there is a whole industry looking after the pics - warehouse and office staff - managers and accountants, IT people and whatever. These photos could be keeping thousands in employment.

Every cloud has a silver lining ..

Lois said...

Oh no! It's interesting that they take pictures of the offending vehicle. I guess it's hard to dispute photographic evidence!

Dave said...

It's called selective fund raising I suppose! LOL

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