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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Christmas Slush

This is a close-up of the slush at the bottom of Garside Street on Christmas Day.

You can see the whole street on Geograph.

Although the snow at Christmas thawed leaving only a few patches of compacted ice, a sharp frost followed by fresh snow on New Year's morning led to a return of icy conditions as can be seen on Hyde DP Xtra.

Edit 12:30 pm, 2nd Jan: Snow started falling just before 9am and is still falling so it is white-out again now.

8 comments: said...

This slush is the flip side of the pastoral scenes of snow-laden fields and trees.

Happy New Year.

A Scattering said...

Wow, you had more snow on the ground on Christmas Day than we did! We did get more today so it's looking more like a Canadian winter now. The big difference though is that we're used to coping with snow over here. We have the plows, the sand and gravel, the window scrapers and brushes and even snow tires. But there are still people who manage to drive like idiots in it! Go figure. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Nearly surreal, Dali couldn't have made it better.
Years since last I saw, felt and walked through Christmas slush - brilliant photography.
Please have a wonderful weekend.

Crafty Green Poet said...

slushy here too though now frozen, thawed and frozen again, then covered with an extra layer of light snow.

Best wishes for 2010!

Lois said...

That does look like a mess!

In Three Rivers, Michigan said...

Hmm - I seem to be seeing a lot of that "stuff" on the roads here lately...
Three Rivers Daily Photo where it is snowing hard right now

ChrisJ said...

After looking at all the beautiful snow scenes on may blogs, this one reminds me forcibly of why I don't ever want to go back to Minnesota or Canada to live!

Dick said...

"Happy New Year"

It is a mess, we have the same here too. Not very nice to have on the road.

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