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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Car Spa

The hand car wash off Dowson Road was closed when I took this photograph one frosty morning a few weeks ago.

Normally during the day it is a hive of activity.

Together with the house in the background, it is on Markland Street which, like some other old streets in Hyde, is now a street in two halves.

I'll show you where the other half is tomorrow.


Ex Hydeonian said...

Hi Gerald. Happy new year to you from here in mega hot Kalgoorlie Australia. I am trying to place this picture. Is this on the bend of Dowson Road almost opposite the petrol station, near where Most Morors used to be? I think there used to be a car stereo place there years ago if I am thinking of the right spot. Used to walk up Dowson Road a lot to my grandparents place. Been a long time sine then!

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Wow! Hand Car Spa! That is really cool. I always had love for traditional things and I will continue on for the rest of my life! I believe that not all things should be touched by technology. Well before I go far, I want to say Happy New Year Gerald. I have been absent for so long been busy for College. But I'm back! and Graduation is in two months and it makes me so excited!

God Bless You and More Power!


imac said...

Nice day off for the workers then Gerald.

Lois said...

You have reminded me that I need to get my car washed! I wish we had a Car Spa around here.

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