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Saturday, October 17, 2009

They come along in Twos

In my post, View from the bus, a couple of months ago, I queried the presence of a couple of buses in convoy on the 330 service.

A frequent service (it used to be run every eight minutes), it isn't unusual to find two buses following each other. I'd always thought it was a question of the first bus being delayed by traffic and the second catching it up.

Last Saturday I was in Hyde Bus Station and looked at the electronic timetable. I was surprised to see it indicate two buses departing within one minute of each other.

When I got off the bus at the stop four minutes up the road, I took a snap of the timetable displayed in the shelter. I've pasted it into the bottom of the photo and that shows just one bus every ten minutes.

Reputedly, drivers on the 330 route consider it to have the most miserable passengers , compared to other routes.

To be fair, I have to say that generally it is an excellent service, but the timetabling is rather curious.


Anonymous said...

As most of the English language I have learned 'reached me ear', by listening to the BFBS radio station in Germany, just before visiting the local Pub, it is of much interest to 'reach' finally a place I have heard of so much.
With regard to timetables for busses, you may count yourself lucky, as over here in Greece they wouldn't even dare to write about time.
A wonderful weekend for you.

magiceye said...

in mumbai too it happens on a few routes but it is due to the traffic snarls. as far as the timetabling goes, only the 1st and last are displayed and the frequency along with the route.

marley said...

Perhaps the drivers are doing it deliberatly to irritate the miserable passengers!

Tom said...

I have rode this bus for 50 years and it has always been a good bus ride until they did away with the 'clippy' or female ticket collecters.. the bus had a clippy that would sing shout and 'clip' you around the head if you were cheeky... she always had a smile and would have the passingers laughing...
I think it is the loss of such people that make bus rides so boring.

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