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Monday, October 05, 2009

Back to Back

In many minds back to back housing is probably associated with the squalor of Victorian living conditions, but the worst examples have long gone and what remains has been much modernised.

Once these backs would have had washing lines strung across them and the local kids would be playing hopscotch along the flags.

Today the houses all have washers and dryers and the children are at their computers. The backs are used as storage for wheelie bins - there is a cat sat on the one at the end.

Concrete bollards at each end prevent these alleys being used by motor vehicles.


marley said...

They haven't gated the ones there yet then? My gran lives in Leeds and most now have gates at either end. Infact the alley behind my 70's flat has a gate at each end.

JM said...

The b&w really fits here. Well done!

Tom said...

I agree with JM, you have made a good choice with B&W. I can remember some of the clearance in Hyde when the motorway went through and some of the back to backs were well past there best... Most now would look even better if those awful wheelie bins were taken in.

Cezar and Léia said...

Well observed... Nowadays people using washing / drying machines and the youngsters sitting at their computers... Well, I'm sitting at the computer now too...
God bless you!

Lois said...

I like this in black and white. Nice shot!

Wolynski said...

This reminds me of old English movies or, rather, their depictions of the working class. Didn't they have outhouses in the back?
Wonderful photos.

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