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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shell at Night

On theme day I showed you the Zebra Crossing on Dowson Road.

Lower down is the Shell filling station. On the right is the bus shelter across the road featured in my post of July 29th 2009 which photograph was actually taken from the bus stop you can see on the left here.


Cezar and Léia said...

I'm always fascinated with city lights at night!Cool shot!

Tom said...

Excellent shot Gerald
This Garage as been here as long as I remember... it sold secod cars at one time ... I remember seeing a Vauxhall 101 'Super' isn bright red... if I would have had the money then I would have bought it... even if I couldn't drive at that time.. ha!..
The sad thing about this picture is that the bus stop just before the garage is used by a drug dealer.... that and the pathway behind the garage. I know this Gerald because I have a an old friend from my past who is hook on heroine and this is one of the place he goes to buy it.
It is sad to say this happens now in our towns and villages... as well as the city's.
You asked me a question about the Old Caxton works ad the building materials..... Any building materials that can be resold at a greater profit than scrap value are normally saved when buildings are pulled down. Slates are reclaimed and moved from one end of the country to another and still have a good profit to be made on them.
Ashton had it's own Reclained Building Material yard at one time... and one of the jobs I did in the past was picking up slate.... Most of the slate from Morrisons Super Market in Dukinfield came from the East End of London.... we picked them up from a yard off the Mile End Lane.... and bought them right to the site Morrisons was being built on. Can you imagine how many slates are on a 40ft trailer... all loaded and unloaded by hand... 10 at a time. My arms were soar for days ha!..
Heres a link to such a place that buys and resells such stuff..
Reclamation & Architectural Salvage Yard

I'm pretty sure all the stone work from Caxtons, such as Lintels and Cills, Topping off and Coping Stone, Stone Flags, All the Doors, Fireplaces from the offices and much more are more valueable sold on.
The balustrade is very rare in red brick..... I can see that gracing a designer garden at sometime. I hope this answers your question..

Lois said...

That is a pretty night shot!

Babooshka said...

Eerily empty of traffic. I like popping in after Tom. Just so nosy.

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