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Monday, August 24, 2009

Knott Fold

Some weeks ago I posted a view Over Knott Fold Bridge which showed a glimpse of the top of the cottages.

Here now is Knott Fold itself. The old cottages which once stood amongst fields are now surrounded by modern housing.


Cezar and Léia said...

What a cute "maison"!

Tom said...

This is another path way I used very much in my youth... behind these houses is a hollow... in fact I think these cottages are 3 stories high at the back. In the hollow was a very big pear tree.... it was as tall as the houses. Those pears were the sweetest ever... :O)
If you walked just past these cottages towards the train bridge and keep right there is a path that leads to a field... at the start of that path but on your left there used to be a beautiful wood and brick cottage... it was painted gree, red, yellow, and white. It had a 'veg' and fruit garden. Climbing roses grew all over the front and sides... at the back over looking the train lines there was a small workshop. This was lived in until the 1970s by Mr and Mrs Cookson.. They had a big old collie dog that thought the bridge was his and would stand in the middle and bark as you crossed.. it was never nasty but had a good bark.. :o)
The cottage was known as Cooksons Cottage... it burnt down one night in the 80s which saddens me still. It was the kind of place that had an old feel about it back then... I would love to see if anyone as a picture of it.

If you get time stop by and met Ammon Wrigley then read his poem The Homestead

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